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Split Toning

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Just personal opinion no offence , but split toning is not editing it is more like a average street food , trending ,tempting and half baked ,not long lasting but easy to make for short success

Then why I tried ? Because i am exploring the possibilities with mobile apps and if shortcut is the new cool then be my guest and feel free to download this PNG file .

This file have all the settings and how GND tool played important role And more importantly how colour tool important in this method to get desire results . Quick video just for the idea .

And this settings file too for reference, different image get different results so try on your luck and test . But again i will suggest if you’re beginner then SPEND AS MUCH AS TIME TO UNDERSTAND COLOURS AND CONTRAST how all associated with each other.

It will help you to go with your heart than trend

click here to download file

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