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It is a little awkward to talk about myself. Usually I am the reclusive type, shying away from talking about myself, or projecting my work. Equally contradictory that I am in a field (incidentally a passion and not ‘work’), where I must mingle, connect with people and ‘show’ my work; and surprisingly, nothing gives me more pleasure. 
So here I am saying Hello, and telling you how I came to be a ‘Professional Photographer’, who believes in capturing special moments and coloring the photographs with the essence of the soul, be it of the person, the relationship or the event. You don’t want to know about my formal education. Let my education speak through my work; for Life and my deep interest (call it obsessive) in photography, has taught me more than my degree. I am entirely self taught and hence have developed my own methods and approach about how to treat a subject. Each aspect of photography, from location to composition, focus and lighting, from expressions to environment, and post processing to accentuate the desired effect, -- I agonize over them to get Perfection with a Human Touch. People and their inner self interest me. 
I try to bring that into my photographs, so each frame tells a story far beyond the obvious. I know that we all value those little personal moments that make any event a delectable memory for a life time. I aim at making each frame a signature of the Person and not of me as the photographer. 
Whether it is a wedding shoot, an industrial shoot, a portfolio, or shooting birds and landscapes or ordinary people doing their own thing (my hobby), I believe in growing comfortable together.. and then let my lens do the talking. I merge into the background. I don’t intrude. And I don’t miss anything. What I need from you is time.. and your trust. Let me understand you as a person, your needs, your dreams and aspirations. Help me make that dream come alive.. and I promise you tireless efforts with all my creative instincts to deliver a story that will light up your life. I do not settle for less… just like you. 
So why don’t you give me a call or drop me a mail if you like my work, and if you would like to allow me into your special moments.
Let’s get together and make dreams happen.



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