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Rustic Summer afternoon

This is my first custom Lightroom preset and trying to bring many more in future.

To start with preset some of you maybe not aware of the process or how it's going to work on your photos and which type of app you need to install in your mobile .

All you need to do is install app named Lightroom for mobile from adobe. It’s available for free on apple app store and google play store. After installation download this PNG (raw) file. Which is basically preset file which have all the adjustments like white balance, saturation and other type adjustments. So just copy the settings and then paste it into any photo which you want.

(Yeah, I know many of you going to like the original version of this shot Only because classic is classic)

i am not much fan of this preset thing because it’s not applicable or sure shot solution for each and every shot. But if you’re beginners or trying something new then go for it.

Most accurate for pictures like daytime or afternoon shoot, pictures have balance highlights and shadows. And after preset use try to add a personal touch like few more adjustments as per your taste and style.

Thank you. Stay safe.



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