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It has been more than one month since I am using exolens . And yes, my regular readers already know that, I have already posted the on-field experience with these lenses in my last blog. Here, I would like to share my newfound additions about this lens.

Since mobile cameras do have adjustable apertures in their built-in lenses, they can only offer with a limited fixed aperture. And because of this anomaly, no matter whether you have an expensive iPhone or any professional action camera like Go-Pro, you need to always compromise with ‘depth of field’ (DOF). And in situations like these, tiny mobile lenses can come to your rescue.

For example, The Zeiss macro Exolens is good for macro photography. And surprise! We can use the same macro lens for clicking portraits as well, thanks to its manual focus ring. We can easily fool the built-in camera aperture and create a bit more blurry background and create good depth of field.

Previously, I have used a few other mobile lenses for my iPhone. They all did a good job in showing me the wide view of the field. But optically they are not that great, plus they annoyed me a lot by a lot chromatic abrasion around the corners of the image. On top of it, they used to add undesired softness to the image as well. So, it was more of a compromise while clicking the landscapes. But with this Exolens, though I do not expect to get as a super wide field of view (like the fisheye effect), this18mm lens on a mobile camera is wide enough to get good picturesque landscapes.

So here my list of things I like the most and things I don't like much about Ziess Exolens.

Pros: Quality glass , metal body ,good distortion control and almost zero CA

Cons: Bit heavy for iphone 6-6s and 7 (ok for 6s and 7plus ) and zeiss need to focus on lens cap ( both front and back ) design.


ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens - ₹ 17,950

ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS Telephoto Lens - ₹19,950

ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS Macro Lens - ₹17,950

ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS iPhone 7 / 6 / 6S / 6 PLUS / 6S PLUS EDGE BRACKET - ₹ 5,950

You can buy them form here

Please check the Zeiss official website Here

Thank you so much zeiss india for this lenses and it was amazing experience with this quality glass .

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