Days with ZEISS ExoLens Pro

June 8, 2017

Carl Zeiss, a name which I am familiar with since good old Nokia days. That time I had no clue about the photography and the dream of becoming a professional photographer was nowhere near. But one thing I knew Carl Zeiss means quality lens. That's why, during the pre- iPhone days, Nokia phone with Zeiss lens cameras meant phones dedicated to photography. That was circa 2007!


And Bingo! Flash forward to 10 years - I was chosen as the official partner to use and test Carl Zeiss Exolens Pro. The company sent me macro and wide-angle lens.






It's more than twenty days now, and every time I get fascinated and surprised, whenever I click photos with a Zeiss wide angle lens.  Since I am more into travel and wedding photography, I don’t use the macro in my regular shoots. But I had clicked some macro shots with this gem and realised that it is very practical and handier than dedicated SLR macro lens (If mobile photography and carrying handy equipment is your thing, then Exolens is the right pick for you).



Till now, I had clicked around 200 photos with wide angle Exolens.














Most of them are outdoor shoots and some architectural monuments around my home. Since iPhone dedicated camera app has hardly any features, I used third party apps and google snapseed to add little spice to my snaps. 


Since I got these lenses in May, it is a sweltering summer. There was very little opportunity to click landscape because of the dull weather and there were almost no clouds in the sky. But in whatever photos I managed to click, the quality of many things is definitely better than stock mobile camera, especially Exolens offers wider range, zero chromatic abrasion and no barrel distortions, a must for the serious amateur and pros .





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