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Weddings are forever, and the best way to preserve the magic is with exclusive photography that captures not only the essence of the event but is a reflection of the couple who are The Stars.
I am totally aware how much hard work, with an eye for detail, and worry, as well as joy and frustration, is a part and parcel of the whole saga. The investment is by way of emotions, relationships as well as finance. Therefore I offer various packages to suit your specific need.

WEDDING (Still Photography)

My personal expertise and photo-art along with my team

For the wedding day shoot: 90,000 INR for candid and traditional photography. Include 500 edited photos[ soft copies ] 
Additionally, a 60 pages premium photo-book as our gift to the couple.
Each extra day 20,000 INR (2-6 hours).

WEDDING ( videography )

Cinematography : 65,000 INR for the wedding day; and for each  extra day 35,000 INR

Traditional videography : 15,000 INR per day, with 5 min teaser 


For a shoot in or near Pune on a single day (either in the morning or evening): 25,000 INR for 30 photos

For a shoot in or near Pune on two days (once in the morning and on another day in the evening): 35.000 INR for 45 photos.

However, as a goodwill gesture, if I am personally doing the wedding shoot at my quoted fees, I offer a discount of 10,000 INR on the Pre-wedding shoot.

In case of any other requirements, we can quote on assessing your specific need; eg: Extra album, extra photographer, cinematography at pre-wedding events etc.


Call or e-mail me and we can meet in person to discuss what you have in mind.

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